French Bulldog

Foster Location: Council Bluffs, IA
Age: 5 years (8/3/2009)
Sex: Female
Weight: 21lbs
Kids: Yes! 
Cats: Maybe, dog saavy cats only
Dogs: Yes!
Adoption fee: ADOPTED! 
Fenced Yard: Required

Update January 2015!

Our fun loving girl, Scarlett, has been adopted in Minnesota!! 

She has three fur sisters and 2 feathered friends to keep her company and show her the ropes in her new home. They are all adjusting well to each other and she is loving life in her new home!! Her new parents have lots of frenchie and dog experience! Since their pets are like their kids, little Scarlett will be sure to be spoiled and loved for the rest of her days as a pet.    She has come a long way from being a breeder momma and we could not even dream of a better family for her!!

Congratulations to all!! 


Scarlett came to SNAFU Rescue as a breeder release after her breeder was ready to retire her.  She has been spayed, had a dental, an umbilical hernia repaired and has been updated on her vaccinations. During her initial vet check, she was tested for Heartworm and, unfortunately, tested positive.  She has undergone the necessary Heartworm treatment and has now tested negative for heartworms!  Yay!  Medically, Scarlett seems to be in great shape! She now has no current known health issues!

Scarlett is a super sweet girl.  She is a very active and curious girl.  She loves every human (big and small) that she meeds and she really enjoys being around other dogs!  She loves to play with the other dogs and play with her dog toys.  She loves human attention and pets.  However, she doesn't mind being independent and therefore doesn't mind if her humans happen to be busy elsewhere.  She is happy to occupy herself with her toys and playtime with the other dogs.  However, if her humans are busy, she will need to be left in a dog safe area. Scarlett is still learning the ways of a household pet and doesn't realize the danger of trying to chew on things that she shouldn't (like cords).  She is very easily corrected if she is focused on something that she shouldn't be and is not destructive, but she should not be left unsupervised in the household, unless it is a dog safe/secured area.  

Scarlett seems to show a bit of curiousness toward the cats in her foster home, so a home with dog saavy kitties would be okay for her, as long as the kitties had a safe place to escape to, should she be a little too interested. So far she has acted a little interested in them, though they have kept their distance and she has not been able to make any contact with them.  She does like to chase bunnies and birds outside in the yard, so a home with small animals and/or birds will probably not be ideal for her.  

Scarlett is semi leashed trained when she is walked with a harness, however, at this point in time, she does not understand pottying on a leash, so a home with a fenced yard is required.  She is still working on  learning stairs at this point.  She has very short little legs and seems to be a little clumsy with stairs (especially going down them) so, while she can do them if she puts her mind to it, her foster mom currently supervises her when it's time to go outside and helps her up and down them, as needed.  A home with few to no stairs will be preferred for her due to her current uncertainty with stairs and her forever family will have to be willing and able to lift her up and down any stairs, as needed, in her new home.  

She has been working on potty training since arriving at her foster home and has learned very quickly.  As long as she is kept on a regular and consistent potty schedule, and has a fenced yard, she seems to do great! She does not potty on a leash, so a fenced yard will be required for her.   She is also crate trained and will sleep in her kennel quietly while her foster family is away from home and during the night.  

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Frankie please fill out an adoption application for her today!  ‚Äč