NOTE: Please note that it will likely be at *least* 3-4 week minimum before you hear back from us after submitting an adoption application.  We typically give a week for a "grace period" for new applications to come in on any newly available dog in order to give everyone a fair chance to submit an application.  After that time period, the applications are sent on to the foster family for review and that usually takes from at *least* a few days to a week to sort through the applications, etc.  :-)  Most of our dogs receive several applications so this process does take some time, especially on dogs who are more popular for one reason or another.  We do require phone interviews to be conducted between the foster family and potential adopters, vet reference checks and a home visit to be conducted for all potential adopters, if they are selected as the top choice applicant, which will also take time to complete.   That being said, we do always let our applicants know if they are chosen or not. :-) 

IF you happen to not be chosen, please don't feel discouraged as, again, we usually get several applications for each dog, and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose just one adopter.  In those cases, we usually offer to keep the applications for adoption on file for any future dogs that come into our rescue. :-)

ALL adopters are required to come and pick up their adopted dogs in person from the dog's foster home (we do not ship any of our dogs). Please have road/driving transport plans in place to pick up an adopted dog before you apply!  While we are not against adopters flying a foster dog in cabin on a commercial flight, please keep in mind that many are not good candidates for flying due to size and/or being a brachycephalic/short nosed breed. 

If an adopter can not keep one of our grads, for any reason at all, at ANY point in time, they *must* be willing and able to return their adopted dog to his/her original foster home, despite distance and any costs that would be required to do so.



​Foster Location: Omaha, NE

Age: 10yrs (exact DOB unknown)

Sex: Male

Weight: 30lbs (on a diet to lose weight!!)

Kids: Yes, dog savvy, 5yrs and older

Cats: Yes!

Dogs: Yes!

Adoption fee: $350.00

Fenced Yard: Preferred but not required

Rascal came into SNAFU Rescue after being rehomed by his elderly owner on Craigslist due to failing health and no longer being able to care for him.  

Rascal is a very sweet boy whose favorite past times are napping, snuggling with his humans, eating, belly rubs and occassionally chewing on a Nylabone from time to time!  Rascal is a pretty easy going dude for the most part and seems to like all humans he's met so far!  Rascal gets along with the other dogs in his foster home and while he doesn't usually attempt to play much like the younger dogs do, he seems just fine with their company. Due to his little old many personality, we think he'd appreciate older, dog savvy, calm children possibly 5 years or older who will respect his space and be gentle with him.  

Rascal is 100% potty trained and has had no accidents while with his foster family to date.    As with all dogs, a regular and consistent schedule will help with him continued potty training success in his new home.  Rascal has also done great with crate training with a wire crate and sleeps quietly in his kennel during the night or when his foster family happens to leave the home. He does sometimes do a sad little yowl in his kennel though, bc he prefers to sleep in bed with his humans if they'll let him!! For his safety, we recommend that he keep a similar crating schedule when his humans are away from the home and/or he is left unsupervised so he is safe and secure while no one is home.  

Medically, Rascal seems to be in great health except for being overweight. Rascal was VERY obese when he came to his foster home.  His foster family has been working very very diligently in order to get him down to a healthy and acceptable weight.  He probably needs to lose at LEAST 10 lbs and his foster family has been taking him on short daily walks, closely monitoring his food intake, and making sure he has plenty of play time throughout the day to burn some calories. His adoptive family will absolutely need to be VERY diligent about monitoring his food intake and his weight.  Having excessive weight to carry around is very hard on dogs, and is especially hard on short stout breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs.   Again, Rascal's adoptive family absolutely*must* understand how important it is for his health that he continue to lose weight until he reaches a healthy weight for his stature. Once he reaches an appropriate weight,  we feel he will be able to be a bit more active without struggling to catch his breath so quickly, which will make him a much happier and healthier boy in many different aspects, especially as he ages. Obese dogs have a lot more issues with heart problems, arthritis, joint issues, etc, so this is why we just can not stress enough how important it is for his adoptive family to be very diligent with monitoring and maintaining him at a healthy weight (once he reaches a healthy weight, that is!). Rascal is been neutered, HW Tested, and has been updated on Vaccinations/dewormings, and (other than his weight issue) has been given a clean bill of health by our veterinarian!

Rascal would do well in almost any type of home! A house with a fenced yard will be preferred for him, but is not a requirement for adoption as long as his family can ensure he is getting plenty of exercise and potty breaks throughout the day.   He does very well with stairs, so a home with stairs would be fine for him. Stairs will also hopefully be easier for him to manage after he has reached a healthy weight.  We also think he'd be fine going to work with his new family as long as it was a quiet, calm and easy going work environment.  If his people are not able to take him to work with them, no problem - he's completely happy sleeping the day away in his kennel with a Nylabone to chew on as long as his people can arrange a mid day potty break for him!  

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Rascal, please submit an adoption application for him today!!!