French Bulldog

Foster Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Age: Approx 7 years 

Sex: Female

Weight: 13lbs

Kids: Yes! 4 years and up

Cats: Yes!

Dogs: Yes!

Adoption fee: ADOPTED

UPDATE: June, 2015 - Pippa has been adopted in NE!

Our little pipsqueak, Pippa, has been adopted to a pre-approved applicant, who just happens to be a former adopter! We love repeat adopters!  <3   Pippa is living it up with former SNAFU Grad, Gemma! Gemma and Pippa's personalities just seemed to mesh right from the start, and they have been doing great together!  Her new parents love her to death and couldn't imagine life without her! From rags to riches (being found as a stray to a safe & loving home!) we are overjoyed that she has finally found her forever home! 

Congrats to Pippa and her new family!! 


Pippa is SNAFU Rescue's newest little Pipsqueak! Her foster family named her Pippa the Pipsqueak because she is just so small and adorable...weighing in at only 13lbs! Pippa came into SNAFU Rescue after being found as a stray down in southern Missouri.  We tried to search for any potential owners, but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like anyone is looking for this sweet little girl.  When she was found, she had poop caked on her butt and was very dirty. The good samaritans that found her gave her a bath and cleaned her up and gave rescue a ring to see if we could help out!  

So far, Pippa seems to do very well with the other dogs in her foster home and hasn’t had any issues at all with any of them.  Despite her petite frame, she does tend to be a bit of a piglet when it comes to food and treats so needs to have proportionate meals so she does not get too chubby.  Due to her tiny frame, we feel it would be very hard on her if she were to become overweight.  She is fed approx. 1/2 to 3/4 cups of food per day and does very well with that routine.  She has not been around kids in her foster home much but seems to love everyone she meets!  We think she’d do best in a household with dog saavy kids (4 years old and up) who would love on her and play with her! She does LOVE to be held though and loves to sit on her human’s laps and get lots of attention!  She really is the sweetest little girl!  We also believe she would do fine in a home with kitties as well as she seems to show no interest in them in her foster home thus far!  

Medically, Pippa seems to be in great shape despite her being found as a stray! Other than a little bit of dandruff, she has no current known health issues, appears to have been spayed, and is UTD on all of her vaccinations/wormings. Pippa does have a longer palate, as so many frenchies do, but due to her age, our vet things surgery would be very risky for her.  It currently causes her no real issues (other than her being a little noisier at times)!   

She has been doing great on potty training since arriving at her foster home and seems to be potty trained as long as she is kept on a regular, consistent schedule.  She is also crate trained and will sleep in her kennel quietly while her foster family is away from home.  At night, she sleeps in her kennel but we think she’d adjust just fine to sleeping in bed with her people, if they wanted her to!  

Little Pippa would do well in almost any type of home.  Despite her tiny little nugget legs, she seems to do okay with stairs and going up and down them.  If any potential adopters have a lot of stairs in their home, they should be prepared to always monitor her when using stairs (especially when she’s going down them) and be prepared to carry her up and down, if needed. 

If you are interested in her, please keep your eye out for her to move to the available page!