French Bulldog

Foster Location: Moorhead, MN
Age: 5 years DOB:06-12-16
Sex: Male
Weight: 31lbs
Kids: Yes, 16 or older
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Adoption Fee: $600
Fenced Yard: Preferred but not required

Jordy came into the SNAFU Rescue via a private party.  His previous owners wanted him to be placed in a calm, loving home and spend the rest of his years being a spoiled pet. 

Jordy is a relaxed, calm, social, frenchie boy who loves just hanging out and being around his people.  At times, he can get overwhelmed in chaotic situations and requires some space when he is feeling uncomfortable.  Jordy communicates his temperament very well and will tell you exactly what he needs; he really is a smart boy!  He is moderately active as he loves to play at doggy daycare but also is happy to lay on his human's lap to catch up on his favorite TV Series.  He is a true velcro frenchie that wants to be able to see you, hear you and be near you as he finds comfort being surrounded by his people.  Jordy enjoys to snuggle, cuddle and his absolute favorite...nap time!   When nap time is over, you can find Jordy romping around with his beloved squeaky toys and his tennis ball!   He enjoys to chill most of the time and enjoys his time outdoors. He is a curious boy that keeps his nose to the ground sniffing all the new smells autumn has to offer.  Jordy gets along great with all of his dog furry friends (big or small; boy or girl) and gets overly excited when he knows it is play time!  He likes to jump with excitement and will need re-direction if that behavior is unwanted in his adoptive home.  Jordy is still getting acclimated in his foster home and is experiencing a big change so he will be in need of a patient and understanding family that will calmly guide him to know what is expected of him in his adoptive home.  Jordy came from a home with small children.  There was an incident where Jordy was provoked, gave the proper warning signs that the action was not wanted and the end result was he bit a child.  Jordy is NOT aggressive but being picked up from behind and carried/flipped backwards was enough for Jordy to act out.  Because of this single incident, we feel he would do best with gentle, respectful, dog savvy children over the age of 16 years old or in a home without (loud) children.  He should be supervised when he is around children to make sure both he and they are kept safe.   As with all of our dogs, slow introductions to other dogs in the household is a must and we feel he would be happy to have another dog in his adoptive home. 

Jordy is 100% fully potty trained without any accidents!  His foster family reports he is fully crate trained and sleeps quietly at night and while his foster family is away from the home.  A similar arrangement should be kept for him until he is trusted in the home to keep him safe.  Since Jordy is such a great cuddler we know he would love to share a bed with his adoptive family!  

Medically, Jordy seems to be in good  health. He has been neutered, had a dental, updated on vaccinations/dewormings, heartworm tested, microchipped and has been given the okay to adopt by our veterinarian. Jordy does suffer from seasonal allergies (like most frenchies) and is fed a sensitive skin diet.  He would greatly benefit from a daily allergy pill (Benadryl or Zyrtec) as well as a cytopoint shot during high allergy months.  Jordy has luxating patellas that are not causing any discomfort or issues however they should be monitored.   

Jordy doesn’t wander too far from his people so a fenced yard would not be required for him however one is always preferable for his ongoing safety.  However, a ground level apartment with minimal stairs (due to his knees) would be just fine if there is an adjacent fenced-in area for ease of bathroom breaks.  He would be very happy and do best with a calm, relaxed adult family that spends time at home as he really craves to be around his people at all times. Jordy would also love a family that would allow him to travel with them.  He is an amazing co-pilot!  Given his overall calm and passive nature, we also think he'd love to go work with his new family if they wanted to take him with them to their office.   If his people are not able to take him to work with them, no problem at all - he's completely happy sleeping the day away in his crate as long he has a warm soft blanket, a fur buddy to keep him company and his people can arrange for a mid-day potty break for him.  Ideally Jordy would love the opportunity to attend a doggy daycare once a week to play with his furry friends and for a car ride!  Jordy deserves to be spoiled with many toys and unconditional love!  He truly would make a great family addition for anyone that understands his little quirks (oh we all have them!!), as he is calm, comfortable in the home, in the car and with his trusted humans.  

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Jordy, please submit an adoption application for him today!

NOTE: Please note that it will likely be at *least* a 3-4 week minimum before you hear back from us after submitting an adoption application.  We typically accept for new applications for a period of 7 days or until 20 applications have been received for any newly available dog.  After that time period, the applications are sent on to the foster family for review and that usually takes from at *least* a few days to a week to sort through the applications, etc.  :-)  Most of our dogs receive several applications so this process does take some time, especially on dogs who are more popular for one reason or another.  We do require phone interviews to be conducted between the foster family and potential adopters, vet reference checks and a home visit to be conducted for all potential adopters, if they are selected as the top choice applicant, which will also take time to complete.   That being said, we do always let our applicants know if they are chosen or not. :-) 

IF you happen to not be chosen, please don't feel discouraged as, again, we usually get several applications for each dog, and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose just one adopter.  In those cases, we usually offer to keep the applications for adoption on file for any future dogs that come into our rescue. :-)

ALL adopters are required to come and pick up their adopted dogs in person from the dog's foster home (we do not ship any of our dogs). Please have road/driving transport plans in place to pick up an adopted dog before you apply!  While we are not against adopters flying a foster dog in cabin on a commercial flight, please keep in mind that many are not good candidates for flying due to size and/or being a brachycephalic/short nosed breed. 

If an adopter can not keep one of our grads, for any reason at all, at ANY point in time, they *must* be willing and able to return their adopted dog to his/her original foster home, despite distance and any costs that would be required to do so.