French Bulldog

Foster Location: Omaha, NE
Age: 5 months (DOB: 07-31-21)
Sex: Female
Weight: 8.5lbs
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes, dog savvy
Dogs: Yes
Adoption fee: $500
Fenced Yard: Preferred

Hera came into the SNAFU Rescue through a breeder release at just 12 weeks old.  Her breeder wanted her be placed in a loving home that can care for her special needs!  

Hera a very confident, happy, playful and active little girl.  When she isn’t romping around the house, playing with her beloved squeaky investigating the entire home and the fenced in yard, she can be found snuggled up close to anyone in her foster family. She absolutely adores being cuddled and being carried around like the little princess she is!  Hera adores other dogs of all sizes and especially loves to play with the other dog in her foster home. Hera doesn't know boundaries and will climb all over the large resident dog without thinking twice.   When it is playtime, Hera and her furry foster sibling enjoy a fun game of  hide and go seek, tug-o-war with her favorite rope and squeaking every toy in their sight!  After all the fun is over, Hera will find a comfy spot on the couch and snuggle with her human tuning into her favorite TV shows eventually nodding off for a much needed puppy snooze.  Once her eyes open, she is ready for more play!  Hera emulates all dogs behaviors; good or bad.  She has not yet developed her own identity and right now is a big copy cat!  Hera will need proper supervision, structure and leadership to develop proper dog manners and to learn what is expected of her in her adoptive home.  She is young but has quickly learned many new things in her foster home.  Hera is currently working on sit and her leash skills; which are a work in progress!  Hera knows exactly when it’s dinner time, potty time and nap time! When Hera is not taking a little puppy snooze this curious girl is looking for someone to play with or something new to explore! Hera falls head over paws for every human she meets and does great with kids however she is still just a puppy and can mistake fingers for toys.  We believe with proper supervision and direction, Hera would do great with kids of all ages.  Hera has a cat in her foster home and doesn't understand why it doesn't want to play with her.  She will chase them, bring them toys to invite them into playtime and because of this we believe she would be okay with dog savvy cats. Hera would do best in a home with a furry buddy that would be patient with all her puppy shenanigans!  She doesn't understand (yet) boundaries and a passive, well-mannered fur buddy would be ideal for Hera!  As with all of our dogs, slow introductions and supervision around other dogs and children in the household is a must to make sure both she and they are kept safe.  

Hera is currently still working on potty training. Although she has been doing really well, she is still a puppy and a regular and consistent schedule will help with her continued potty training in her new home. As with all of our dogs, any adopter will need to be able to and willing to continue working on potty training with her. In addition to her normal routine, her foster family makes sure to take her out immediately after she wakes up from a naps and within 30 minutes after eating.  She receives immediate praise and treats after potty outside. Her foster family reports that she is completely crate trained (although she does not prefer her crate).  Hera quietly and comfortably sleeps the night away in her crate.  For her safety, we  recommend that she keep a similar crating schedule when her humans are away from the home and/or she is left unsupervised so she is safe and secure. She does not know danger and is still learning what is expected of her inside the home.  We do believe this cuddle bug would love to share her adoptive families bed at night!  

Medically, Hera is in good health other than a grade 3 heart murmur. Thus far, she has had an echocardiogram (ultrasound) done on her heart and has been diagnosed with Moderate Pulmonic Stenosis - which is a congenital defect that causes a malformation of the Pulmonic valve leading to obstruction to the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs  We will be happy to provide her echocardiogram report to her potential adopters for review. At this time she is completely asymptomatic and does not currently show any signs of having issues with her heart, however, she will need to be closely monitored for any signs of heart disease or congestive heart failure as she ages (fatigue, weakness, lethargy, shortness of breath, fainting,  etc).  If any of these symptoms do happen to be noticed in the future, her veterinarian and veterinary cardiologist should be contacted immediately and heart medication may benefit her at at later date IF that were to occur.  Hera is currently a happy, active puppy, but her heart absolutely *must* continue to be monitored by both a veterinarian *and* a veterinary cardiologist as she continues to grow.  Her next echocardiogram is recommended to take place when she reaches 1 year of age. The cost of one echocardiogram ranges from approx $400 at K-State in Kansas to approx $600 in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Hera's condition may require a balloon valvuloplasty (a balloon inserted to widen the valve) in the future. Please research cardiologists in your area to check on prices for future echocardiograms for her in the future as they will absolutely be required for her and can be more or less costly depending on the area in which you live! Potential adopters will need to have a veterinary cardiologist within reasonable driving distance in order to be approved to adopt her (3-4 hours max driving time). Since her lifespan could possibly be shorter than a "regular" dog, we want her to have the best life she could possibly have, but that goes for all of our foster dogs, of course! We will be very strict with "vetting" any potential adopters for her, as we want to make sure she is very loved and has the best life and care (both in home care and vet care) that she possibly can during her lifetime.    

Hera would do well in almost any type of home but since she is still working on potty training, a house with a fenced yard will be preferred for her as she continues her potty training adventure (opposed to a multiple floor apartment style dwelling with no yard).  She does not love being outside but all she knows is the cold Nebraska winter so that may change.  Hera is uncertain around stairs (probably due to her size) but can go up a few and requests to be carried going down them (as they are VERY scary!!!)/  She would also love to go work with her new family if they wanted to take her with them to the office!  As mentioned, she loves all people and will quickly become fast friends with everyone she meets. If her people are not able to take her to work with them, no problem! She is completely happy sleeping the day away in her crate as long as she has a furry pal to keep her occupied and her new family can arrange a few potty breaks for her throughout the day! 

Again, Hera is a very active, energetic puppy, so please be ready for the needs and care requirements of a puppy (and a special needs puppy, at that) if you think she will make a good addition to your family! If you are looking for a puppy that wants your undivided attention then Hera is your girl!  

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Hera, please submit an adoption application for her today!!

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NOTE: Please note that it will likely be at *least* a 3-4 week minimum before you hear back from us after submitting an adoption application.  We typically accept for new applications for a period of 7 days or until 20 applications have been received for any newly available dog.  After that time period, the applications are sent on to the foster family for review and that usually takes from at *least* a few days to a week to sort through the applications, etc.  :-)  Most of our dogs receive several applications so this process does take some time, especially on dogs who are more popular for one reason or another.  We do require phone interviews to be conducted between the foster family and potential adopters, vet reference checks and a home visit to be conducted for all potential adopters, if they are selected as the top choice applicant, which will also take time to complete.   That being said, we do always let our applicants know if they are chosen or not. :-) 

IF you happen to not be chosen, please don't feel discouraged as, again, we usually get several applications for each dog, and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose just one adopter.  In those cases, we usually offer to keep the applications for adoption on file for any future dogs that come into our rescue. :-)

ALL adopters are required to come and pick up their adopted dogs in person from the dog's foster home (we do not ship any of our dogs). Please have road/driving transport plans in place to pick up an adopted dog before you apply!  While we are not against adopters flying a foster dog in cabin on a commercial flight, please keep in mind that many are not good candidates for flying due to size and/or being a brachycephalic/short nosed breed. 

If an adopter can not keep one of our grads, for any reason at all, at ANY point in time, they *must* be willing and able to return their adopted dog to his/her original foster home, despite distance and any costs that would be required to do so.