French Bulldog

Update July 2014!

Our sweet little Gracie has been adopted in Minnesota!!

She is now known as Sister and has another fur brother to keep her company and show her the ropes.  While he may not have been super excited to share his parents love and affection, he is adjusting well and has decided that, well, he guesses she can stay!  Her new parents have lots of frenchie experience and have the time and energy to give this active little girl the best home possible to live out the rest of her years as a cherished pet.  She has come a long way from the commercial dog auction where we found her and we could not be happier for our little girl!!

Congratulations to all!! 


Foster Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Age: 7 years (4/29/2007)

Sex: Female

Weight: 17lbs

Kids: Yes! 4 years +

Cats: Yes!

Dogs: Yes!

Adoption fee: ADOPTED

Grace came into SNAFU Rescue after she was purchased at dog auction for commercial breeders.  Her
breeding days are over now and she just loves learning new things each day and loves all the wonderful “house perks” in her new life as a pet!   

Grace (also known as Gracie) is a very sweet girl who has a fun, silly, and easy going personality. She is a tiny little nugget at just 17lbs!  At 7 years old, she may be considered a bit older by some, but her foster family reports that she acts like a 3 year old!  She LOVES her new life in a home and just loves, loves, loves to run, play and be silly!  She is super smart, loves to be around her people and, most of all, she loves to play with her newly discovered stuffed animal squeaky toys!!  She is very good at entertaining herself!  She carries them all around the living room into her dog beds and kennel! 


She seems to do very well with the other dogs in her foster home and hasn’t had any issues at all with any of them.  Gracie does tend to be a bit of a piglet when it comes to food and treats so needs to be separated while eating to ensure she does not try to steal the other dog’s food.  Her foster mom feeds the dogs in her home separately, in their crates, and this seems to work well for them all.   She is fed approx. 1 cup to 1.25 cups of food per day and does very well  with that routine.  She has not been around kids in her foster home much but seems to love everyone she meets!  We think she’d do best in a household with dog saavy kids (4 years old and up) who would love on her and play with her!   She does lay down/pancake down when she knows she’s going to be picked up, but
that is normal for dogs from commercial breeding systems, as they are not typically used to being picked up a lot. 
She does LOVE to be held though and loves to sit on her human’s laps, esp during road trips so she can look out the window!  She really is the sweetest little girl!  We also believe she would do fine in a home with kitties as well as she seems to show no interest in them in her foster home thus far! 


Medically, Gracie seems to be in tip top shape! She has no current known health issues, has been spayed since arriving with the rescue and is UTD on all of her vaccinations/wormings. 


She has been working on potty training since arriving at her foster home and has learned very quickly.  As long as she is kept on a regular and consistent potty schedule, she seems to do great!  She is also crate trained and will sleep in her kennel quietly while her foster family is away from home.  At night, she sleeps in her kennel but we think she’d adjust just fine to sleeping in bed with her people, if they wanted her to!  


Grace would do well in almost any type of home but she is still learning stairs. She is doing very well, but she is still uncertain about going down them at times.  She would probably do best in a home with few to no stairs.  She is a tiny nugget, and she does have short little legs!  If any potential adopters have stairs in their home, they should be prepared to always monitor her when using stairs (especially when she’s going down them) and be prepared to carry her up and down, if needed. 


If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Grace, please fill out an adoption application for her today!