French Bulldog

Foster Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Age: 5 years (10-17-2011) 

Sex: Female

Weight: 22lbs

Kids: Yes! 

Cats: Yes! 

Dogs: Yes! Calm/easy going dogs

Adoption fee: $600

Fenced Yard: Preferred

Dottie was surrendered to SNAFU Rescue via breeder release along with her sister Libby.  Her breeder wanted her to be placed in a loving pet home to be spoiled and live out her life as a cherished pet! 

Dottie is a happy, silly, sweet little lady who truly adores some lovin' and her people time.  Be ready for snuggles and a dog who follows you around like your shadow with this girl because she absolutely LOVES to hang out and be near her people! Did we mention she loves to snuggle?!  Also, she loves to snuggle!  Dottie seems to get along well with every human she meets, including children, and has done very well with the other dogs she meets!  As with all of our dogs, we always recommend slow introductions when introducing a new dog to the household.  She has been around cats and has done wonderfully well with them.  

Dottie is currently still working on potty training.  While she has been doing wonderfully with going potty outside, a regular and consistent schedule will help with her continued potty training in her new home.  As with all of our dogs, any adopter will need to be able to and willing to continue working on potty training with her.  She has also done great with crate training and sleeps quietly in her kennel during the night or when her foster family happens to leave the home.  For her safety, we recommend that she keep a similar crating schedule when her humans are away from the home and/or she is left unsupervised so she is safe and secure while no one is home.  She does not know danger and is still learning what is expected of her inside the home.

Medically, Dottie seems to be in great health!  She does have a deep facial wrinkle above her nose and that will need to be monitored and cleaned daily with a baby wipe or warm washcloth to keep it clean and prevent infection.   As with many frenchies, she may have mild allergies so we recommend keeping her on a limited ingredient diet to maintain and avoid any food related itchies.  She has been spayed, updated on vaccinations/dewormings, has had a dental (she has missing a few teeth, hence her adorable stickie outtie tongue!), treated for an ear infection and has been given a clean bill of health by our veterinarian! 

Dottie would do well in almost any type of home but since she is still working on potty training, and does not know how to potty on a leash, a house with a fenced yard will be preferred for her (opposed to a multiple floor apartment style dwelling with no yard).  She is learning stairs and has done great with them so far.  As with many frenchies, she is small and has short little legs, so a home with fewer stairs will be preferred for her, but that is not a requirement for adoption!  We also think she'd love to go work with her new family if they wanted to take her with them to the office! She loves to meet new people!  If her people are not able to take her to work with them, no problem - she's completely happy sleeping the day away in her kennel as long as her people can arrange a mid day potty break for her!  

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Dottie, please submit an adoption application for her today!!