French Bulldog

Foster Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Age: 5 years (7/24/2009)

Sex: Female

Weight: 13lbs

Kids: Yes! 5 years +

Cats: To be determined

Dogs: Yes!

Adoption fee: To be determined

Update 8-17-14

Say hello to Princess Buttercup!! Buttercup came into SNAFU Rescue after being purchased at a commercial dog auction in mid July, 2014.   She has a few medical issues we are addressing and a few personality quirks we are working on with her. Like her name suggests, Buttercup is a bit of a Diva.  Buttercup likes her food to be prepared JUST a certain way before she will eat it.  Hey, she knows how a Princess is supposed to be treated! She also seems a bit slower to adjust to the life of a pet/house doggie than some of the dogs we've seen in the past. Buttercup seems to stress easily and less movement in her life, at this point, seems to be best for her.  She is now eating MUCH better than when she first came to us.  Her eyes were also a bit crusty/goopy when she first came in.  She seemed to have a lowered immune system initially (probably from the stress of the auction and move) and a bit of an upper respiratory infection happening, which also affected her eyes.  She is recovering nicely from that and her eyes are clearing up more and more each day! We love seeing those beautiful browns! 

Before her spay, she had her preanesthetic bloodwork done and it was found that she had very high liver enzymes.   Her spay was postponed due to those results and she is now on liver medication to get her liver function back up to snuff.  She will be retested in a few weeks to make sure all is well, and then her vetting will be completed.  As soon as all of that is sorted, she will be ready to hit the available page!

If you are interested in her, please keep your eye out for her to move to the available page!